Friday, October 03, 2008

New York from the Ferry

So... which is your favourite photo?

It's real-colour, for the Realists among my Dear Readers. What you see is what you get, you perceive and accept the world as it is, and Imagine is nothing more than a dusty old John Lennon song.

Behold, sepia, arguably for the slightly eccentric, misunderstood, and surprising personalities. It's modern, but old-fashioned. It's almost dark, but not quite. It has a certain beauty to it. It's not sure who it is, and what it's place in the world is.

Ah, the classic black-and-white... it's dark, obscure, foreboding, somber. It can turn a normal city into Gotham City. There's no hope, no escape, no peace, no beauty.

And now, for the Dreamers, the Idealists, the Visionaries among you, I present the tungsten effect. It's Reality on Steroids, it's a manic episode, it's seeing colour in a drab world, it's smiling amidst tears, it's hearing music in a deathly silence.

I think I'm losing my mind..........................


Miriii said...

I like the blue one mostly =)

Mary Elizabeth said...

That doesn't surprise me... :)

Anonymous said...

Ah Mary...the first one of course...reality is SO much better. "For God so loved the that we may have eternal life...while we were yet sinners, Christ dies for us..." Can it really get any better than that?
I love you sweetie --

Anonymous said...

ich mag das erste am meisten :)